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How Do They Work?
Hide your pup's favourite treat among the fibres. Dogs follow their noses to
“snuffle” through the soft fabric and find the hidden treats.
Snuffle mats are perfect for dogs of any age, shape, or size. This simple activity
dog toy provides stimulating mental and physical enrichment by encouraging
your pup to use their sense of smell to find the treats and keep them active. Just scatter in their favourite most tasty treats inside between the little flaps.
Scent is the number one way dogs interpret the world!  It also helps burn your
pups energy, the mental stimulation has countless benefits with this dog activity
toy and gives them a slower feed.
dog activity snuffle mat treats for dog separation anxiety improvement
Snuffle Mats Are Especially Good For 
High-energy dogs or those suffering from anxiety, including separation anxiety
Some older dogs suffering from cognitive dysfunction or dementia
Dogs that are scent- or treat-motivated
Puppies needing a little extra training in self-restraint
Irish wolfhound and miniature Daxi with designer luxury snuffle mat
Choose from our Fern Green, Slate Grey or Rainbow Yellow made in UK Snuffle mats. 
Perfect For On The Go
Our stylish dog snuffle mats have a drawstring for easy transport and storage. But they are so stylish you might want to just leave them out in your home even when closed.
luxury snuffle mat that closes up in to a designer bag for dog activity toys
Made in England Snuffle Mats
Lilly Shahravesh our Creative Director,  has designed sustainable products for pets since 2003. Our exclusive Snuffles are handcrafted in our East London studio and are plastic free. 
luxury designer snuffle mat made in England for all dog breeds activity toys

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