Coopers Maple Red Leather Luxury Designer Poop Bag Dispenser

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Made from eco vegetable tanned leather in the Tuscan hills that uses no toxic chemicals. This Maple Red Italian leather is handcrafted by British saddlers and hallmarked with the luxury LISH stamp. 

  • Vegetable Tanned Italian Leather
  • Solid brass snap hook
  • Exclusive LISH design
  • Attaches to pet carrier or dog lead
  • Made in England
  • Comes with gift bag
  • Poop bag roll fits inside (none supplied with product)
  • Size: 7cm x W 4cm x D 3.5cm
  • Dog Lead not included 
  • Matching Collar and Lead


Our Company supports and promotes environmentally, responsible, sustainable raw materials, and eco friendly manufacturing and have done so since 2003. 

Eco Vegetable Dyed Leather That Develops Its Own Patina

The quality of vegetable tanned leather develops its own patina over time as it ages and retains many of its natural characteristics. We hope that you will appreciate any slight variations in the thickness, colour and texture of your eco leather product as a sign of its authenticity. Our genuine vegetable dyed leather may release surface colour when damp or wet.

Matching Dog Accessories From The Coopers Leather Collection

Coopers Maple Red Leather Poop bag dispenser also has a matching dog lead and dog collar.

The sustainable Coopers Maple Red Leather Poop Bag Dispenser is exclusive to LISH.