Designer Green Snuffle Mat Activity Dog Toy

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Help build your dog’s confidence and resilience by giving them an outlet for their natural foraging instincts with a Snuffle Mat. Simply hide kibble or treats inside the folds of fabric for your sniff out and enjoy.  

It is now believed that mental stimulation like this, that’s based on a dog’s natural responses can help make a dog more relaxed, easier to train and less likely to suffer separation anxiety.  

Part of the Sidworth collection, it may also help your dog’s digestion by encouraging them to eat at a slower pace.

Meticulously hand crafted in our London studio from the finest natural cotton and fleece, this this rich sensory experience folds away neatly with its drawstring top. A great addition to your dog's daily routine it’s easy to pop into the car to take with you on your travels.

Here's why the Sidworth Green Snuffle Mat is a must-have:

  • Engages Natural Instincts: Encourages your dog to sniff, hunt and scavenge, to fulfil their inherent foraging behaviour. 

  • Promotes Mental Stimulation: Searching for treats in amongst the fabric turns mealtime into an interactive game that stimulates all their senses. 

  • Health Benefits: Supports slower eating habits, to help prevent bloating and promoting better digestion. 

  • High-Quality Materials: Made from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified cotton and fleece, ensuring safety and durability. 

  • Care and Convenience: Machine washable and easy to store, it comes with its own bag. 

  • Craftsmanship: Exclusively designed by LISH and proudly made in England. 

  • Suitable for all breeds: When open, the mat has a diameter of 48cm so it is perfect for breeds of all sizes.  

Please note: Treats and kibble not included. Always supervise your pet during use. Check the mat regularly for signs of wear and tear, and ensure all treats are removed after each use to prevent choking hazards. This product is not suitable for children. Please keep this information for future reference.


Our Company supports and promotes environmentally, responsible, sustainable raw materials, and eco friendly manufacturing. We have been using natural fibres through out 75% of our products since 2003 and use recycled fibres where we can not source a natural fibre.

Easy to clean designer plush dog toy

If the Sidworth Green Designer Snuffle Dog Activity Play Mat Toy needs a wash just pop it in the machine on a delicate wash using non bleach detergent.

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The Sidworth Green Designer Snuffle Dog Activity Play Mat Toy, is exclusive to LISH.